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Master's Program Options

Master of Arts in Rhetoric and Teaching of Writing

MA Rhetoric and Teaching

In this program, you'll study rhetorical and language traditions and apply that knowledge to the teaching of writing. Knowledge of multicultural dimensions of literacy will help you understand the rich cultural complexity of the modern classroom. This program also focuses on developing your own writing and editing skills to fulfill your professional role as a teacher-writer.  "The Rhetoric and Teaching of Writing Program is a blended program; therefore, a large portion of its courses are offered online." 

Course Requirements (30-31 hours) 

All courses are three credit hours unless otherwise noted.

I. Required Core Courses (18 hours)

  • ENGL 5080, History of the English Language or
    ENGL 5171, Language Theory
  • ENGL 5093, Teaching of Writing
  • ENGL 5150, Research Methods
  • ENGL 5190, Special Topics in Rhetoric and Writing
  • ENGL 5651, Second Language Writing
  • ENGL 6002, Rhetorical Theory

II. Area of Concentration (9 hours)

Chosen by the student and approved by the student's advisor, the area of concentration may be in virtually any field that complements the required core and that meets the student's goals in the program. Representative areas include but are not limited to Literature, Technical Communication, Reading, English as a Second Language, and Communication. ENGL 5913, Practicum in Language and Rhetoric, may be included among these nine hours.

III. Thesis

  • ENGL 6950, Master's Thesis (4 to 6 hours)

For details about writing, submitting and defending a thesis, see Thesis Guidelines on the CLAS Graduate Student Advising Web site.

  • ENGL 6970, Portfolio Exam in Rhetoric and Teaching of Writing (3 hours)

IV. Additional Information

Candidate for Degree: Graduate students must be registered for at least one credit hour during the semester that they graduate. Those who have completed all required courses and requirements may register for Candidate for Degree (CAND 5940, section 900).

Teaching Assistantships: Rhetoric and Teaching of Writing students who receive a teaching assistantship must take ENGL 5913, Practicum in Language and Rhetoric, in the fall during their first semester as a teaching assistant.

Dual Degrees: Students concurrently prusing an MA in Education can count up to six hours of education courses towards their MA in English with their English graduate advisor's permission.