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Undergraduate Major in Writing

(BA Degree)

BA in Writing

This program will prepare you to think critically, read carefully, solve problems creatively, and write with clarity, grace and power. These are exactly the qualities needed to succeed as a writer when faced with diverse writing challenges in a breadth of professional settings or in graduate school. As a writing major, you'll gain the confidence to take on a variety of assignments and complete them successfully. The BA degree in writing can be earned entirely online, as well as on campus.

General Requirements

Students majoring in writing must present a total of 39 credit hours for the major (excluding ENGL 1010,1020, 2030 applied toward the core curriculum). Of that total, 27 hours must be earned in upper-division courses.

None of the required 39 credit hours may be taken on a pass/fail basis. Only courses completed with a grade of C (2.0) or above may be counted toward the major.

At least 15 upper-division hours of the student's work in writing must be taken from the downtown Denver campus English faculty.

Students planning to major in writing must consult with an advisor as soon as possible.

I. Required courses (15 credit hours)

ENGL 2060, Introduction to Writing Studies                                                                    
ENGL 3084, Multimedia Composition                                                                                
ENGL 3160, Language Theory or ENGL 4080, History of the English Language
ENGL 4190, Special Topics in Rhetoric and Writing (repeatable if topic differs)
ENGL 4830, Advanced Rhetorical Analysis (Seniors only)

II. Writing Electives (9 credit hours)

Choose 3 courses.  3000 or 4000 level only (Exception: ENGL 2070)

ENGL 2070 Grammar, Rhetoric and Style
ENGL 3154 Technical Writing
ENGL 3160 Language Theory 
ENGL 3170 Business Writing
ENGL 4177 Technical Editing
ENGL 4180 Argumentation and Logic
ENGL 4190 Special Topics in Rhetoric and Writing (Repeatable if topic differs.)
ENGL 4280 Proposal and Grant Writing
ENGL 4601 Principles & Practices of Second Language Acquisition
ENGL 4651 Second Language Writing                                                          

III. Interdisciplinary Language, Literacy, & Digital Media (15 credit hours)

Choose 5 courses.  3000 or 4000 level only

Students may choose any language, literacy, and/or digital media course within the English department.  With prior approval from any advisor, students may also choose courses offered by another department on campus up to 9 hours.

These courses may also be chosen.

ENGL 3939 Internship,
ENGL 4190 Special Topics in Rhetoric and Writing (Repeatable if topic differs)
ENGL 4740 Honors in Writing