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The Literature Option offers a collaborative learning experience through the reading and discussion of ground-breaking books. Seminars focus on the meaning of these works for past readers and the experience of reading together in our own contemporary moment. 

Students must complete the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences core curriculum requirements, including composition courses, which do not apply toward major requirements.

Advanced Standing: CLEP and AP credit will not count toward the English Major or the English Writing Major. Such credit is awarded at the 1000 level and may apply toward the college writing requirement (ENGL 1020) or counted as general electives. Check with CLAS Advising for details.
Minors: The English Department also offers a minor in Literature, Writing, Creative Writing and Film Studies. Courses counted in a minor cannot be counted toward the major.
Honors Program: Students may earn Latin Honors by participating in the department's Honors Program. Click Here for information. Find additional information in the English Department or contact the Honors Director.
Internships: Internships are also available to students who have completed over 60 credit hours. For information, contact the Career Center at 556-2250 in the Tivoli, Suite 267. Internships count as upper-division electives.
Teaching Certification: Students interested in teaching in secondary schools may complete their teaching certification along with completing the IPTE English major for teachers. Students must be advised by the IPTE advisor.

Course Requirements: 39 credit hours

I. Required Courses: 9 Credit Hours
II. Area Requirements: 18 Credit Hours

Choose one course in each area. No course is repeatable 

   A. Historical Survey

   B. Old English, Medieval Language and Literature

   C. Renaissance, Restoration & 18th Century British Literature

   D. Eighteenth & Nineteenth-Century British Literature

   E. American Literature

   F. Modern & Contemporary Literature

III. Required Electives: 12 credit hours

Choose 3 courses:

Students may take additional courses, but the total applied toward the major may not exceed 48 hours (any level).