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Film Studies

The Film Studies option within the English major is designed to prepare students for a range of professional careers in areas such as screenwriting, film criticism, video production and the teaching of film, as well as graduate programs in film studies.

Required courses give students a strong grounding in film history, verbal and visual narrative, and the critical terms and techniques used in both film and literary analysis. Electives give students the option of emphasizing either the creative approach or the critical approach to moving-image media, or a combination of the two.

The Film Studies option also affords students the opportunity to create video productions using state-of-the art digital video and editing equipment and the possibility of airing their productions on cable TV. Offered in cooperation with the College of Arts & Media, the Film Studies option can be completed entirely on the Auraria campus.

Students must complete the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences core curriculum requirements, including composition courses, which do not apply toward major requirements.

Advanced Standing: CLEP and AP credit will not count toward the English Major or the English Writing Major. Such credit is awarded at the 1000 level and may apply toward the college writing requirement (ENGL 1020) or counted as general electives. Check with CLAS Advising for details.

Minors: The English Department also offers a minor in Literature, Writing, Creative Writing and Film Studies. Courses counted in a minor cannot be counted toward the major.

Honors Program: Students may earn Latin Honors by participating in the department's Honors Program. Click Here for information. Find additional information in the English Department or contact the Honors Director.

Internships: Internships are also available to students who have completed over 60 credit hours. For information, contact the Career Center at 556-2250 in the Tivoli, Suite 267. Internships count as upper-division electives.

Teaching Certification: Students interested in teaching in secondary schools may complete their teaching certification along with completing the IPTE English major for teachers. Students must be advised by the IPTE advisor.

Course Requirements: 39 credit hours

I. Required Courses 15 Credit Hours
II. Area Requirements 24 Credit Hours

   Choose eight courses in any area

   18 of the 24 credit hour minimum must be at the 3000/4000 level.

      A. Critical Studies *Repeatable if different genre/director/topic.

      B. Screenwriting

Note: Equivalent screenwriting courses may be taken throughthe College of       Arts and Media