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Creative Writing

Creative Writing

Students interested in pursuing careers or graduate work in creative writing should choose the creative writing option in literature.

Course Requirements: 39 credit hours

I. Required Courses (3 credit hours)

ENGL 2450, Introduction to Literature

II. Area Requirements (18 credit hours)

Choose one area: A. Fiction or B. Poetry

A. Fiction

ENGL 3050, Fiction Workshop

ENGL 4055, Advanced Fiction Writing

ENGL 4610 Narrative: Form & Theory

ENGL 4850 Senior Fiction Workshop

ENGL 3020 Poetry Workshop 

Choose 1 course.

ENGL 4200, History of the English Novel I

ENGL 4210, History of the English Novel II

ENGL 4230, American Novel

ENGL 4236, American Short Story

ENGL 4800-4805, Special Topics: Creative Writing (Emphasis in Fiction)

B. Poetry

ENGL 3020, Poetry Workshop

ENGL 4025, Advanced Poetry Workshop

ENGL 4160, Poetics 

ENGL 4820, Senior Poetry Workshop

ENGL 3050 Fiction Workshop 

Choose 1 course.

ENGL 4080, History of the English Language

ENGL 4166, History of American Poetry

ENGL 4320, History of Poetry in English

ENGL 4800-4805, Special Topics in Creative Writing (Emphasis in Poetry)

III. Required Electives (18 credit hours). Choose 6 courses.

You many choose from any of these courses

ENGL Any 3000 or 4000 Level

ENGL 3001, Critical Writing

ENGL 3106 Advocate Practicum (Newspaper)

ENGL 3416 Magazine Writing

ENGL 4800-4805, Special Topics in Creative Writing

ENGL 4810, Literary Editing Practicum

Students may take additional courses, but the total applied toward the major may not exceed 56 hours (any level).