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Bachelor of Arts

Degree Requirements

Degree Requirements

Requirement for Economics Majors

Students desiring a major in Economics must fulfill the following requirements:

Students must take at least 40 semester hours of economics. A GPA of 2.5 or above in economics courses taken at CU Denver is required for graduation. No pass-fail grades count toward the major.

Required Courses

ECON 2012 Principles of Macroeconomics
ECON 2022 Principles of Microeconomics
ECON 3801 Introduction to Math Economics
ECON 3811 Statistics with Computer Applications
ECON 4071 Intermediate Microeconomic Theory
ECON 4081 Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory
ECON 4811 Introduction to Econometrics

Students must receive a grade of C- or better in all of their required courses.

Elective Courses

Students must choose six other three-credit hour economics courses to complete the hours required for the Economics major. Four of these electives must be taken at the 4000 or higher level. A maximum of only two electives at the 3000 or lower level can count toward the six elective course requirement. Students must receive a grade of D– or better in their elective courses, but only one grade below a C– will count toward the fulfillment of the major requirements.

Outside Courses

It is strongly recommended that Economics majors take at least two semesters of calculus if they are planning to attend graduate school in Economics or Business. ECON 3801 may be waived if Calculus I and II are completed with a grade of B or better. Students must still complete 40 credit hours of Economics. It is also strongly recommended that Economic majors minor in Mathematics. However, a dual major in Economics and Mathematics is preferred.

Other Requirements

At the end of their senior year, students must submit copies of their three best term papers for outcomes assessment of the program. The three papers should be submitted at one time to the Economics Department office, prior to the first day of the month in which the student plans to graduate. 

Students must take at least six of the major courses from CU Denver faculty, including at least three courses from the following list: ECON 3801, ECON 4071, ECON 4081, and ECON 4811. Once a student has enrolled at CU Denver, no more courses in the major may be taken outside the CU Denver Economics Department. This includes courses offered at Metropolitan State University of Denver. The department reserves the right to require a demonstration of competence for any core courses not taken from CU Denver faculty. 

These requirements are effective for students who first register as Economics Majors for the fall term 2014 or later.

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Undergraduate Advisors

Steve Beckman, PhD 
Phone: 303.315.2035
Jim Smith, PhD 
Phone: 303.315.2045 ​