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Department of Economics

Mailing Address:
Department of Economics
University of Colorado Denver
Campus Box 181
P.O. Box 173364
Denver, CO 80217-3364

Physical location:
University of Colorado Denver
1380 Lawrence St., Suite 460
Phone: (303) 315-2030
Fax: (303) 315-2048
Email: Christine Lukvec

Department of Economics

Decision Points

Many people think economics is about money, but it's broader than that: it's the study of how decisions get made. Thought of that way, there's no human endeavor that can't be analyzed—and, with effort, improved—by economic analysis. The faculty of the CU Denver Economics Department have delved into subjects as superficially diverse as infant nutrition, intermarriage, sports, gift-giving...the list goes on.

An undergraduate or graduate degree in economics is superb preparation for a wide range of careers in addition to business. The analytical and quantitative skill you'll acquire are in high demand in the job market.

News and Events

New Study: Internet job search reduces unemployment duration

Fall 2014 Seminars 

Distinguished Professor

Steven Medema, Economics

Leader in Economics

Professor of Economics, Steven Medema, was recently honored as a Distinguished Professor, the most prestigious honor given to faculty across the CU system. The recognition goes annually to faculty members who demonstrate exemplary performance in research or creative work, a record of excellence in classroom teaching and supervision of individual learning, and outstanding service to the profession, the university and its affiliates.

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