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Why Economics

Economics is the science of decision making. The rigorous and general approach that characterizes economics lends itself to a remarkably wide field of practical application. Trained economists are employed by private businesses, banks, law firms, consulting firms, international corporations and agencies, public utilites, federal and local governments, and colleges and universities. These economists study issues such as the effects of government regulations on industries, the fairness and impacts of taxes, the effects of various policy tools in fighting inflation and unemployment, the causes of poverty, and the plight of the homeless, pollution, crime, and other social policy issues. 

A degree in economics provides excellent preparation for advanced graduate study as well. Recent studies indicate that economics is a preferred degree for prestigious MBA programs and law schools.

The Department of Economics at UC Denver is comprised of energetic, internationally recognized scholars who publish their cutting-edge research in prominent academic journals. In addition to their scientific publications, UC Denver economics professors have a direct impact on policy through such avenues as consulting with members of the U.S. Congress and various branches of the Colorado state government, conducting federally funded policy-oriented research, and participating in local and national conferences and seminars. Faculty are accessible and friendly, and the department provides plenty of opportunity for personal interaction and training, including teaching and research assistantships in the department.


Laura Argys, Steve Beckman, Ryan Brown, Brian J. Duncan, Chloe East, Andrew Friedson, Philip Luck, Hani Mansour, Steve Medema, Daniel Rees, James Smith, Andrea Velasquez, Buhong Zheng

Working side by side with faculty allows our students access to the knowledge and tools at the frontiers of economic analysis. In addition, students are exposed to the most up-to-date information and the latest analyses of such topics as taxation, the effectiveness of poverty programs, international trade and finance, economic foreign policy, the consequences of government intervention in the economy, the economic analysis of race and sex discrimination, and many other contemporary topics.

UC Denver Global Study in China students have the opportunity to study and live in Beijing, China.  Unique among university programs, American and Chinese students study together in English at China Agricultural University's International College at Beijing by University of Colorado Denver appointed faculty. Students may stay for a semester, a year or more, taking classes that fulfill elective or major credit.

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