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University of Colorado Denver College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

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Communication Days

Communication Days

Network. Learn. Contribute.   

The Department of Communication, in partnership with the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, is pleased to present this year’s Communication Days celebration. During the week of April 6-10, Denver’s leading communicators visit our classrooms, bringing a real-world dimension to every course. Students are encouraged to attend numerous presentations to network with potential employers, learn communication skills, and contribute to developing the Department’s community.    

2015 Keynote Presentation and Awards Ceremony
View the 2015 Program Here

Dr. Phaedra C. Pezzullo

Associate Professor of Rhetoric & Public Culture, Department of Communication & Culture, Indiana University

Communication in the Late Age of Fossil Fuels: Scientific Certainty, Cruel Ironies, and Imaginative Solutions

Tuesday, April 7th, 12:30 to 1:45PM
St. Cajetan’s Cathedral

2015 Award Winners 

Barbara J. Walkosz Alumni Award
Natriece Bryant

Sonja K. Foss Award for Academic Excellence
Yu Hua

Lael Porter Award for Community Service
Alex Landau
Amanda Parker

Robley Rhine Student Leadership Award
Dennis McGovern

Past Communication Days keynote speakers include: 

  • 2014: Charles E. Morris III, Professor, Department of Communication and Rhetorical Communication, Syracuse University
  • 2013: Aimee Carrillo-Rowe, Associate Professor, Department of Communication Studies, California State University - Northridge
  • 2012: Kirt Wilson, Associate Professor of Rhetoric and Political Communication, Pennsylvania State University
  • 2011: Robbie Cox, three-time Sierra Club president, Professor Emeritus, University of North Carolina
  • 2010: Judith Tannenbaum, nationally recognized novelist and poet, community activist, and prison educator
  • 2009: Garrett Albert Duncan, Chair, Department of Education, Washington University
  • 2008: Tim Z. Hernandez, writer and performance artist
  • 2007: Bill Hanzlik, CEO, Gold Crown Foundation; former coach, Denver Nuggets; former NBA basketball player
  • 2006: Jeff Campbell, Executive Director, Colorado Hip-Hop Coalition
  • 2005: John Hickenlooper, Mayor, City of Denver
  • 2004: Patricia Calhoun, Editor, Westword
  • 2003: Denver Mayoral Forum (included all of the candidates running for mayor: Susan Casey, John Hickenlooper, Don Mares, Phil Perington, Elizabeth Schlosser, Jeremy Stefanek, Penfield Tate, and Ari Zavaras)
  • 2002: Guy Burgess, Director, The Conflict Research Consortium, University of Colorado at Boulder
  • 2001: Patricia Arneson, Professor, Communication Department, Duquesne University​