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How To

How To

Step 1

Create an InternLink (internship database) account with the Experiential Learning Center (ELC) at, ideally 2 semesters prior to the semester you want to start your internship

Step 2

Attend an Internship Orientation with an ELC Internship Advisor. Sign up by calling 303-556-6656.
During this workshop you will:

  • Learn about the process for finding an internship that matches your interests and major.
  • Learn how to utilize InternLink and other resources to search and apply for available internships.

Step 3 - Internship Checklist

SEARCH & APPLY: Once you’ve completed the first 2 steps above, you may begin applying for internships through InternLink, other websites, and your network of contacts. Please Note: if you find an internship not currently listed on InternLink, please call the ELC to begin the approval process before you accept the position.

SOLIDIFY: Once you have successfully applied for, interviewed, and accepted an internship:

  • Begin Learning Agreement process with Employer (Signature #1):
    With the host site supervisor, complete pages 1 & 2 of your Learning Agreement. The employer must sign Signature #1 on page 4. Ensure the host site supervisor is familiar with the Internship Employer Guide, found on Internlink, prior to signing your Learning Agreement.
  • Meet with your Faculty Sponsor (Signature #2):
    Make an appointment to meet with your Faculty Sponsor. Your Faculty Sponsor will assess the Internship Description and Learning Objectives prior to approving the internship. S/he will also explain the course requirements. Obtain your Faculty Sponsor’s Signature on page 4. To view who your Internship Faculty Sponsor is login to your InternLink account, go to “Resource Library” (upper left-hand side of screen) where you will find the “Faculty Sponsors List.”
  • Obtain your Secondary Department Approval (Signature #3):
    Secondary Department signature required ONLY for Sociology and Engineering departments. All other majors leave Signature #3 blank.
  • Get Krsty Frie in the Department of Communication to sign your Learning Agreement (Signature #4).
  • Bring your Completed Learning Agreement to the ELC (Signature #5 & course ADD):
    Ensure you have obtained all necessary signatures and approvals, including host site supervisor and faculty sponsor. After reviewing your Learning Agreement, the ELC Internship Advisor will coordinate your internship course registration and continue to follow up with you and your employer throughout the semester.
  • Adhere to CU Denver code of conduct & internship policies as set by site supervisor, ELC, & Faculty Sponsor.
  • Start working and have fun! Toward completion of your internship, remember to ask your employer for a letter of recommendation and update your resume with the new skills you’ve acquired!

Qualifications – General prerequisites for internships include:

  • A minimum 2.75 GPA and at least 15 credits completed at CU Denver.
  • Additional department-specific pre-requisites; check with your faculty sponsor or Internship Advisor for more information.​​​​​