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Undergraduate Student Research

This Day in History

Students have the opportunity to produce short works that highlight important historical moments relating to their specific course work. Pulling from a wide range of classes that examine everything from the discourse of citizenship to media studies, these “This Day in History” essays will be featured on the Department’s Facebook page on the anniversary of the day in which they are commemorating.

Fall 2011

9.18.2011 - A Speech to End Slavery, by Brendon Lenzi

9.21.2011 - The Power of a Few Words: The Clinton Scandal Polarizes Political Discourse, by Christopher Gunnerson

9.28.2011 - America's Final Fight for Freedom: The Battle of Yorktown Begins, by Gerald Ung

9.28.2011 - From Carson to Comedy: Johnny Carson and the Rise of SNL, by Katlyn Jackson

10.2.2011 - Thurgood Marshall Becomes First African-American Supreme Court Justice, by Amanda Heersink

10.5.2011 - TV & the President: A New Communication Style for America, by Tracie Johnson

10.10.2011 - On the Road to Two Wars, by Ben Swales


10.14.2011 - iPhone 4S Hits Shelves on Commemorative “Steve Jobs Day”, by Emmanuel Hernandez


10.16.2011 - Silent Protest Rocks the Olympic Games, by Melissa Paris

10.24.2011 - The History of the 40 Hour Work Week, by David Somerville

10.27.2011 - Before the Birth of the War for Independence, by Thao Nguyen

10.26.2011 - Launch of First Commercial Satellite Boosts Wireless Industry, by John Burcl

10.26.2011 - “Your Choice for Local News”: Early Media Diversification Gives Rise to a Second Palm Springs News Station, by Ruta Banyte

10.26.2011 - Celebrity Actress/Singer Judy Garland, Age 12, Appears On First Radio Show, by Matthew Aragon


10.26.2011 - The Magic Touch: “DisneyLand” T.V. Series Elevates ABC Network Ratings, Manifests Theme Park, by Kseniya Kreyman

10.31.2011 - Halloween's Rich History in America, by Candies Liu

11.7.2011 - The Public Broadcasting Act of 1967: PBS, NPR and…Mr. Rogers to the Stand?, by Faleta B. Delaney

11.7.2011 - Iran: The Clash of Cultures and Commodities, by Dezie Bement

11.16.2011 - Congress Says 46th State Is Aye OK!, by Kristin Barrett

11.22.2011 - America Grieves for a Lost President, by Alyssa Paiz

11.24.2011 - Adapting to Darwin: A Book That Changed the World, by Gordon B. Hamby

11.24.2011 - The History of Thanksgiving, by Brittany Strobl

12.5.2011 - The First Medal of Honor, by Ahoud Alsharia

12.5.2011 - Tapped Out: Prohibition Comes to an End, by Brandon Dykes

12.9.2011 - Documented Historic UFO Sighting Remains a Mystery, by Miguel Alvarado

12.9.2011 - First Daily Newspaper in New York Stands Against Early French Influence, by Alexis Meier

12.10.2011 - The Adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, by Pamela Kaufman

12.16.2011 - The Boston Tea Party, by Lee Tran


12.20.2011 - Radio Australia Goes International, by Marissa Lucero


12.26.2011 – Boxing Up Gifts, Or Boxing Up Crowds? by Sarah Hultgren


12.27.2011 - Radio City is Born, by Brianna Westlake


12.27.2011 - Radio City Turns 79, by Corey Brown


12.29.2011 - Sheb Wooley Put His Stamp on First Commercial Record, by Sydney Froistad


12.31.2011 - The History of the Ball Drop, by Jenika Catbagan


1.1.2012 - January 1 & Immigration in Perspective, by Lee Trice


1.4.2012 - Bob Hope, Long Playing Records, Lassie and More Highlight This Historical Day in Mass Media, by Sean Sullivan


1.5.2012 - Nightline Extends Show Length, by Sarah Puorro


1.12.2012 - America Meets All In The Family, by Mary Ozanic 

1.18.2012 - President Theodore Roosevelt Send First Trans-Atlantic Radio Transmission, by Lydia Hooper


1.18.2012 - Co-Inventor of Telephone, Thomas A. Watson, is Born, by Rebecca Hulse