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This Day in History - 10.14.2011

Houston, How’s My Hair? Apollo 7 Streams First Ever Live Televised Broadcast From Space

By Amira Aletebi & Carrie Rossman

On October 14, 1968, Apollo 7 streamed the first ever live telecast from outer space. Using a black and white television camera, the historic telecast gave a worldwide audience its first glimpse of outer space. Additionally, using high quality color still cameras, the crew came home with hundreds of groundbreaking photographs to later be utilized by varying scientific disciplines ranging from oceanography, geology, forestry and more. Likewise, Apollo 7 was the first manned flight in the Apollo series.

This revolutionary transmission from space not only marked a significant scientific advancement, but through a symbolic demonstration of the power and scope of broadcast technology, it also proved to be a mutually beneficial moment for both NASA’s public relations efforts and the mass media.

For some interesting historical context, you can see the original 1968 NASA Press Kit from the launch here, and you can also find the entire 1969 NASA post-mission photography evaluation document here.