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This Day in History - 10.14.2011

iPhone 4S Hits Shelves on Commemorative “Steve Jobs Day”

By Emmanuel Hernandez

On October 14, 2011, Apple’s iPhone 4S will officially hit the market. It’s the latest addition to an industry-revolutionizing line of iPhones that continue to change how we interact with a multifaceted media landscape.

In a sad yet fitting gesture, October 14 has also been declared “Steve Jobs Day” in honor of the late visionary and Apple CEO. Started by the quickly popularized website,, the commemorative holiday wishes to honor the innovation and legacy the icon left behind.

As one of Jobs’ signature products, the iPhone has made it possible for news, videos, social networking, Internet, music, and even electronic books to be available in the palm of your hand. And with the iPhone at the forefront of a popular increase in smartphones, it has pushed technological innovation to new heights and forced us to ponder the limits of human possibility—a harmonious metaphor for the acquiescence of these two events.