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This Day in History - 1.4.2012

Bob Hope, Long Playing Records, Lassie and More Highlight This Historical Day in Mass Media

By Sean Sullivan

January 4th has been an important day in the history of mass media.  Spanning the last century, this day has continuously created mass media milestones.  In 1928, NBC radio aired one of radio’s first variety shows ever, called “The Dodge Victory Hour.”  The cost of the initial show was $67,600.  In 1935, Bob Hope was first heard in a radio show that lasted only fourteen weeks, called “The Intimate Revue.”  In 1936, Billboard Magazine published the first pop music chart based on national sales.  On this day in 1950, RCA Victor announced the manufacturing of Long-playing (LP) records.  In 1957, after 69 years of publication, the magazine “Collier’s” was published for the last time.  In 1965, CBS purchased the Fender Guitar Company for a cool $13 million.  On this day in 1970, television animal star, Lassie, was struck by a car while pushing a child away from danger.  As a result, Lassie spent the next month on television suffering from amnesia.  Lastly, on this day, in 1982, Bryant Gumbel moved from NBC sports to the anchor desk of the “Today” show on NBC.