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Master of Arts

Master of Arts
Our vibrant community of scholars and teachers is committed to providing a real world, hands-on, and theoretically robust master's degree that will enrich your communication knowledge and skills for the twenty-first century. Our program is a 33-credit generalist degree designed to enhance students' intellectual and professional growth through the understanding and practice of effective communication. Our faculty members are nationally and internationally recognized leaders in their field. Students who complete our program often receive offers to top-notch PhD programs or accept positions related to communication management, public relations, human relations, and corporate and non-profit communication. In addition to the Master of Arts, we offer a Graduate Certificate in Strategic Communication, which is designed for working professionals who already have earned a bachelor's degree but who would like to enhance or upgrade their skills in the area of public relations. The certificate may be earned on its own or in conjunction with the degree program.

  • Check out profiles of our Spring 2017 MA graduates. Selected Spring 2017 MA Graduate Profiles.png

What MA Program Alumni Say

"This program will change how you approach communications problems both at work and in life. The faculty will make sure that you have opportunities to learn, and will make every effort to help you with any goals you have inside or outside of the classroom. I cannot recommend it enough." -- Kim Brokling, MA, 2015

"The Master’s program at CU Denver was a time of rapid personal and professional development for me. I made lasting connections in the program with fellow graduate students and faculty that continue to this day. The program also equipped me with a rigorous foundation in communication theory and practice that prepared me for doctoral study. In addition to a knowledge base in communication scholarship, the Master’s program also ensured that I become familiar with the workings of the field of communication as a community of academics and professionals. Frequent visits to conferences with the support of communication department faculty gave me a valuable insight into the academic track I was embarking on. Throughout my time at CU Denver, I was able to count on the advice and support of many faculty members, and I continue to do so today." -- Henry Archer, MA, 2014 

"The program always seemed to be progressing, growing, and looking for ways to enhance the experience of its graduate students." -- Laura Sanchez, MA, 2013

"With the full support of our renowned faculty, this program taught me how to engage with
organizations and individuals, give back to my community in meaningful ways, and work to
make the world a more humane and democratic place." -- Jeremy Make, MA, 2015

"I completed my MA in Communication from CU in December 2013, with an emphasis on environmental communication and public relations. My academic experience at CU was truly life-changing and the CU community has remained an important part of my personal and professional life well beyond graduation. The level of dedication to building an authentic, challenging and thoughtful culture of study is invaluable and unmatched in Colorado and the West. The faculty sets a high standard for socially conscious and critical analysis, and actively lives out the mission of the department." -- Kirsten Carlson, MA, 2013

"I am thankful to the faculty at CU Denver for influencing the trajectory of my career and inspiring me to pursue a PhD. My time as a MA student was filled with world-renown faculty, highly engaging and challenging classes, and brilliant colleagues who have become life-long friends. Upon graduation, I felt theoretically and methodologically equipped for the next chapter in my career." -- Laura Lemon, MA, 2011