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University of Colorado Denver College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

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Master of Arts

Graduate Faculty

Dr. Brenda J. Allen, organizational communication and diversity
Dr. Hamilton Bean, national security rhetoric, public relations
Dr. Yvette Bueno‐Olson, health communication and diversity
Dr. Larry Erbert, environmental communication and sustainability
Dr. Sarah K. Fields, gender, sports, and law
Dr. Sonja K. Foss, rhetorical studies, feminist and visual criticism
Dr. Stephen John Hartnett, rhetorical studies and social justice
Dr. Amy Hasinoff, new media, gender and sexuality
Dr. Lisa Keränen, rhetorical studies, rhetoric of medicine and health
Dr. Brian L. Ott, media and rhetorical studies
Dr. James Stratman, legal and technical communication
Dr. Barbara J. Walkosz, emerita, health communication
Dr. E.J. Yoder, intercultural communication and social justice