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Alumni Profiles

Susan Pahlau (MA Class of 2012)

Susan Pahlau is an assistant professor and director of internships in Communication at Colorado Christian University and a passionate inspirational speaker.

As an undergraduate, Susan studied speech communication with an emphasis in broadcast journalism before launching an extensive career in broadcasting for more than 15 years, including work at NBC 9NEWS in Denver, the Colorado Broadcaster’s Association, and CBS NEWS4 in Denver.

Susan recently graduated from the University of Colorado Denver with her MA in Communication with emphases in media literacy, public relations, and communication pedagogy in higher education. She is a regularly invited speaker at universities, retreats, churches and religious institutions, and conferences. She recently presented one of her co-authored MA papers in Florida at the annual meeting of the National Communication Association. It was called “Nurturing Productive Conflict in the College Classroom and the Development of Communication Curricula.”

Susan has taught Introduction to Mass Media, Introduction to Public Relations, Public Speaking, Persuasion, Nonverbal Communication, and helped develop and teach the communication capstone course: Public Relations Campaigns and Event Planning at CCC. Furthermore, Susan built the internship program and has a passion to help CCU students develop hands-on skills and experience.

She says she appreciated Communication at CU Denver because of “each professor’s dedication to customizing and adapting the material in each graduate class in order to ensure a strengthening of my goal of teaching in higher education.”​