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University of Colorado Denver College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

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Degree Requirements

Bachelor of Arts

Degree Requirements

Students need 13 courses (39 credit hours of communication courses) to complete the major in Communication. At least 21 of the 39 hours must be upper division. Students must complete the four core courses shown below (12 credits); eight courses from among the Pathways listings (24 credits), and one exit course (3 credits). The department advises students to take COMM 1011 as early as scheduling permits.

Department of Communication Checklist for Majors 2014

Online Communication Courses 2014-15

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Required Entrance Courses for Communication: 12 Credit Hours

  • COMM 1001 Presentational Speaking* or COMM 2050 Business and Professional Speaking

  • COMM 1011 Fundamentals of Communication*

  • COMM 1021 Introduction to Media Studies* 
  • COMM 2020 Communication and Citizenship*

(*= available in online format) 

Pathway Area Courses: 24 Credit Hours

In addition to the four entrance courses (12 hours), students must take at least eight courses (24 hours) chosen from the Pathways areas. Note that you can choose courses from the Toolbox Course Area. 

Exit Course: 3 Credit Hours

Students must take one or more from the Exit Course Area to bring the total number of completed hours to 39.

  • 3939 Internships*
  • 4040 Communication, Prisons, and Social Justice (Service)
  • 4500 Health Communication* (Service)
  • 4550 Rhetoric of Medicine and Health
  • 4640 Advanced Public Relations (Service)
  • 4700 Writing Practicum
  • 4995 Travel Study​ (options include Guatemala, Italy​, China, or Rocky Mountain National Park, all in Maymester) 

(*= available in online format)