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Environmental Chemistry

Yong Liu

Research in Dr. Yong Lui's group is aimed at understanding chemical transformation of atmospheric aerosol; heterogeneous interaction of chemically labile species with environmental surfaces in indoor environments; carbon dioxide capture and storage by mineral dust; and their implications in atmospheric balance, air pollution, public health and climate change on local, regional and global scales. Experiments are performed under well-defined, atmospheric relevant conditions; chemical processes are studied using a combination of spectroscopic, microscopic, chromatographic and surface analysis including ATR-IR, DRIFTS, GC-MS, LC-Tof-MS, SEM/EDX, TGA and BET; and potential health risks are assessed by chemical assays such as DTT and MTT.

Current research projects:

  • Ozone and OH initiated heterogeneous oxidative processing of atmospheric organic aerosol, reactive uptake, reaction mechanism, roles of environmental conditions (T, RH, light mediation), and changes in physical, chemical and radiative properties.
  • Ozone heterogeneous interaction with household organic species in the indoor environments and roles of the interfacial ozone chemistry in toxicity of organics.
  • CO2 adsorption on atmospheric mineral dust and its impact on atmospheric CO2 balance.