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The Biochemistry Certificate program is intended primarily for postbaccalaureate or non-degree-seeking students as recognition of excellence in their focused interdisciplinary study in biochemistry.  However, degree-seeking students are also eligible.  The Certificate is awarded by the University of Colorado Denver Chemistry Department beginning in the Fall of 2013. The program is an interdisciplinary concentration of studies in chemistry, biology, and/or physics focusing on the molecular processes of life.  Interested students should contact a Chemistry advisor, and must demonstrate completion of all prerequisites with a grade of C or better in each in order to be admitted into the Certificate program.  Students must also notify their Chemistry advisor upon completion of all requirements, in order for the Certificate to be awarded and appear on the UCD transcript.


Requirements for the Biochemistry CERTIFICATE:

A grade of C (2.0, not C-) or better in each of the Prerequisites is required, although these courses do not have to be completed at CU Denver.  The Required Courses including electives must be completed at CU Denver with a grade of C (2.0, not C-) or better in each class, and a minimum GPA of 2.7 among the Required Courses including electives counted toward the Certificate.

PREREQUISITES (do not have to be completed at CU Denver):
  • 2 semesters General Chemistry, with labs
  • 2 semesters General Biology, with labs
  • 2 semesters Organic Chemistry, with at least 1 semester lab 
REQUIRED COURSES (14-16 credits):
  • CHEM 4810/5810 General Biochemistry I (3 credits) or CHEM 3810 Biochemistry (4 credits)
  • CHEM 4820/5820 General Biochemistry II (3 credits)
  • BIOL 3611 Cell Biology (3 credits)

Choose 2 of the following electives (continued on reverse)



  • Physical Chemistry (CHEM 4511 or 4521)
  • Instrumental Analysis (CHEM 4121)
  • Inorganic Chemistry (CHEM 3011)
  • Analytical Chemistry (CHEM 3111)
  • Biochemistry Laboratory (CHEM 4828)
  • 3-credit internship or independent study in biochemistry, with prior approval
  • Biophysics of the Cell (PHYS 3451)
  • Biophysics Outlook I - II (PHYS 3151 and 3161) – these two 1-credit courses together fulfill one elective requirement.
  • Molecular Biology (BIOL 3124 or 4128)
  • General Genetics (BIOL 3832)
  • Molecular Biology Laboratory (BIOL 4125)
  • Human Physiology (BIOL 3225)
  • Advanced Cell Biology (BIOL 4064)
  • Cell Cycle (BIOL 4068/5068)
  • Cell Signaling (BIOL 4550)
  • Medical Microbiology (BIOL 4144)
  • Molecular Genetics (BIOL 4126)
  • Other CHEM 4000-level advanced biochemistry lecture courses, PHYS 3000/4000-level biophysics courses, and BIOL 4000-level lecture courses with a molecular emphasis may be added to this list in the future, as such courses become offered.
Students with specific questions concerning the Biochemistry Certificate not addressed in this document should contact a Chemistry Advisor.