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B.S Emphasis


Below is a summary of general requirements for the Biochemistry Emphasis in Chemistry awarded by the University of Colorado Denver Chemistry Department. Completing the Biochemistry Emphasis labels you with a distinguishing 

CU Denver Chemistry B.S. degree while indicating that your studies have focused on the chemistry of biological systems.  Chemical processes underlie all of biology, so you get the best of both worlds.

Requirements for the Biochemistry Emphasis:

Requirements for the Biochemistry Emphasis are generally the same as for the traditional Chemistry B.S., EXCEPT:

The following are NOT REQUIRED for the Biochemistry Emphasis:
  • CHEM 3011 (Inorganic Chemistry)*
  • CHEM 4121 (Instrumental Analysis)*
  • CHEM 4128 (Instrumental Analysis lab)
  • CHEM 4538 (Physical Chemistry II lab)
  • BIOL 2051 (General Biology I)
  • BIOL 2071 (General Biology I lab)
  • CHEM 4810 (General Biochemistry I)
  • CHEM 4820 (General Biochemistry II)
  • CHEM 4828 (Biochemistry Lab)
  • One additional upper-level elective (3 or more credits).
  • See course catalog for options including various upper-level Chemistry and Biology courses and those marked with (*) above.

Except for the General Biology I course, most of the first and second year requirements are the same as those in the traditional chemistry degree.


Diplomas will read “B.S. Chemistry” for all students who have completed requirements for either the Biochemistry Emphasis or traditional Chemistry program.  When you register and complete the requirements for the Biochemistry Emphasis, this will be noted in your official transcript. 


Students with specific questions concerning the Biochemistry Emphasis not addressed in this document should contact a Chemistry advisor.