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Master of Science in Chemistry

The MS degree offered at the Downtown Campus is a broad-based chemistry degree that allows students to take courses and do research in the following basic fields: analytical, biochemistry, inorganic, organic, physical or environmental chemistry. The MS program is available to both full- and part-time students. The chemistry faculty strives to ensure that students receive excellent advising and supervision of work. Students enrolled in the program have an opportunity to be appointed as laboratory teaching assistants. Research activities on the part of the chemistry faculty provide opportunities for graduate students to obtain research assistantships. For assistantship and scholarship information, please see our students section.


Before applying for admission, be sure to contact your department for individual program application requirements and deadlines.​



Admission Requirements
General Program Requirements
Specific Degree Requirements

Plan I
Thesis Requirements

Plan II
Course Work Emphasis Option

BS/MS Program

While students are completing a BS degree in chemistry, they may also complete some of the requirements for an MS degree in chemistry under the following guidelines: 

  • The student must apply and be accepted for participation in the BS–MS program prior to completion of the BS degree, and be advised by both the undergraduate and graduate advisors
  • Up to 12 credit hours of graduate-level course work may be taken as an undergraduate and applied toward the MS degree. This course work may not be applied toward the BS degree or ACS certification requirements for the BS degree
  • Up to 3 credit hours of independent study (research) may be applied toward the graduate degree if that research is expanded and continued for a portion of the master’s thesis research. This requires approval of the student’s graduate research advisor in chemistry, the chemistry graduate program director, and the CLAS associate dean for Graduate Studies
  • The chemistry department will waive the requirement for qualifying examinations in each area of chemistry for which the student has completed the undergraduate sequence of courses and laboratories at the downtown Denver campus with grades of B or better for each course.
  • The student must apply for and be admitted to the graduate program in chemistry beginning the semester immediately following completion of the BS degree in chemistry at the downtown Denver campus.
    This program allows undergraduate students who have begun their research as undergraduates to complete up to 12 credit hours (with approval of the graduate dean) toward the 30 credit hours required for a Plan I MS degree in chemistry while they are still completing their BS degree. This makes it possible for students to complete an MS degree in chemistry in only one year beyond the BS degree in chemistry. Students entering the program through the BS-MS program option must fulfill all of the requirements of the Plan I or Plan II graduate programs.