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Bachelor of Science

Degree Requirements

Degree Requirements

This page summarizes graduation requirements for chemistry majors. The Chemistry Honors Program, independent study laboratory projects, and certification by the American Chemical Society are included as options for chemistry majors. Specific questions not covered should be directed to the chemistry faculty advisors:

Undergraduate Advisors

    Dr. Vanessa Fishback (SI 3073:e-mail
    Dr. Priscilla Crocker Burrow (SI 3074: e-mail  
  • ALL GENERAL ADVISING and CORE requirements
    CLAS Advising Office (NC 4002 at 303/556-2555)

Students majoring in chemistry will receive a BS degree upon successful completion of both the departmental and college requirements. It is the student's responsibility to know all of their undergraduate degree requirements.

All chemistry majors must meet with a faculty advisor on an annual basis as requirements for graduation and scheduling of classes are subject to change. Please contact the Chemistry Department Faculty Advisor directly (listed above) to make an appointment for advising.

American Chemical Society Certified Degree
Independent Study and the Chemistry Honors Program
Cum Laude Honors
Magna Cum Laude or Summa Cum Laude honors
Degree Requirements
Required Chemistry Courses
Required Ancillary Courses
Suggested Chemistry Electives