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Minor Advising Worksheet


Minor Advising Worksheet


Student #

Phone # Date

Indicate which courses you have completed or are currently taking:

Course Completed at UC Denver Completed elsewhere?
Please list where, when, and grade.
Currently taking Planning to take
General Chemistry I
General Chemistry I Lab
General Chemistry II
General Chemistry II Lab
Organic Chemistry I
Organic Chemistry I Lab
Organic Chemistry II
Organic Chemistry II Lab
Organic Chem II Honors Lab
Inorganic Chemistry (3011)
Analytical Chemistry
Analytical Chemistry Lab
Instrumental Chemistry
Instrumental Chemistry Lab
Biochemistry (3810)
General Biochemistry I (4810)
General Biochemistry II (4820)
Environmental Chemistry
List any other chemistry courses you have taken that are not listed above Write down anything else you think is pertinent and/or any specific questions that you have: