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​3/31/2017 ​Janel Owens, UCCS ​Dust, whiskey, and forensic toxicology:  United through Green Analytical Chemistry ​11:00-12:00 ​SI 1111
​4/7/2017 ​Sam Lohse, CO Mesa University ​Physiochemical transformations of engineered Nanomaterial: Influence on Nanopartical-cell membrane interactions ​11:00-12:00 ​SI 1111
​4/14/2017 ​Cynthia Burrows, Utah ​Beyond Watson and Crick: New functins of G-Quadruplex-DNA ​11:00-12:00 ​SI 1111
​4/21/2017 ​Mike Hall, Texas A&M University ​Computational Modeling of Hydrogenase Biomimetics
​11:00-12:00 ​SI 1111
​4/28/2017 ​Jack Barbera, Portland State University ​Making meaningful measures of motivation in the chemistry classroom
​11:00-12:00 ​SI 1111
​5/5/2017 ​Ji Ho Park, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology ​Harnessing Exocytosis of Nanoparticles to improve cancer nanomedicine ​11:00-12:00 ​SI 1111