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Department of Chemistry Seminars






​9/1/2017 Peng Tao, Southern Methodist University
​Exploring potential energy surface through the "microscope" of a computational chemist
​9/8/2017 ​Joe Falke, Cu Boulder ​Regulation of the PIP3 Lipid Signaling Pathway in Chemotaxis and Cancer: Insights from Single molecules and Live Cells
​10/20/2017 ​Dmitri Simberg, CU Denver Anschutz ​At the interface of chemistry and immunology: How to design nanocarriers that evade the immune system
​11/10/2017 ​Megan Filbin-Wong, metro ​Chemotropic Regulation of Protein Synthesis in Developing Neurons
​11/17/2017 ​Haobin Wang ​Electron Transfer processes in chemical and material systems