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Time ​ Location​
​9/5/2014 ​Rui Zhao
​Target the Six1/Eya transcription factor for anti-breast cancer drug design
​12:00-1:00PM ​SI 2001
​9/19/2014 Gregg Beckham, NREL​

Breaking down plant cell walls: A few short stories in improving biofuels production processes

​12:00-1:00PM SI 1111​
​9/26/2014 Tatian Kutateladze, Department of Pharmacology (Anschutz) ​Molecular mechanisms of the epigenetic regulation ​12:00-1:00PM SI 1111
​10/3/2014 ​James Roberts, NOAA (Boulder) ​TBA ​12:00-1:00PM ​SI 1111
​10/10/2014 ​TBD TBD ​12:00-1:00PM ​SI 1111
​10/17/2014 ​Paul Ziemann, University of Colorado Boulder ​TBA ​12:00-1:00PM ​SI 1067
​10/24/2014 ​Brian McNaughton, Colorado State University
​TBA ​12:00-1:00PM ​SI 1111
​11/7/2014 ​April Hill ​​Monitoring water quality on-board spacecraft using Colorimetric Solid-Phase Extraction (CSPE)
​11/14/2014 ​Richard Benninger, Anshutz

Quantitative fluorescence imaging of pancreatic islet signaling dynamics

​​12:00-1:00PM ​SI 1067
11/21/2014​ ​Jared Brown, Anshutz

Nanoparticle-Immune Interactions from a Biophysical to Physiological Perspective

​​12:00-1:00PM ​SI 1111
​12/5/2014 ​James Hagman ​Epigenetic Regulation of Lymphocyte Development ​12:00-1:00PM ​SI 1111
Emad Tajkhorshid, Universtiy of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Visualizing Functional Motions of Biological Membranes and Membrane Proteins at Full Atomic Resolution Using Advanced Simulation Technologies

​12:00-1:00PM ​ACAD 2500 A