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Department of Chemistry Seminars

​TITLE ​TIME               LOCATION​
​Olivier Siri, Aix-Marseille University ​Emerging NIR dyes: the hidden porphyrin cousin brought to light
​11:00-12:00 ​KC 113
​10/16/2015 ​Susan M. Janicki,
University of Pennsylvania
​Single-Cell Analysis of Chromatin Dynamics: What When and Where can Tell Us About Why and How ​11:00-12:00 ​SI 1115
​10/23/2015 ​John Orlando,

Laboratory Studies of Hydrocarbon Oxidation Mechanisms under Atmospheric Conditions

​11:00-12:00 ​SI 1115
​10/30/2015 ​Jeffrey L. Collett Jr.,
Colorado State University

The increasing importance of ammonia for U.S. air quality

​11:00-12:00 ​SI 1115
​11/6/2015 ​Mark Dell'Acqua, University of Colorado School of Mines

Regulation of Neuronal CAMP and Calcium Signaling by Scaffold Proteins

​11:00-12:00 ​SI 1115
​11/13/2015 ​Anja Blecking, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

“Classroom Saloon”, a social-networking Platform in a Chemistry for Teachers Course. She is interested in measuring teachers’ Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK)

​11:00-12:00 ​SI 1115
​11/20/2015 ​Victoria DeRose,
University of Oregon
​Cellular Targets of Platinum Anticancer Compounds Detected using Click Chemistry ​11:00-12:00 ​SI 1115
​12/4/2015 ​Mark E. Tuckerman, New York University ​Chemistry in a virtual laboratory: Discovery of principles and properties via computer simulation
​11:00-12:00 ​SI 2001