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Internship Guidelines

Internship Guidelines

Internship Guidelines for Bachelor's of Science (BS) Majors

In order to obtain an internship, the University of Colorado Denver (UCD) College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Cooperative Education/Internship guidelines and requirements must be satisfied.

Student Qualifications
  1. Biology majors must be of junior or senior standing with a current cumulative GPA of 2.75 or better.
  2. Student must have satisfactorily completed a minimum of 15 UCD hours with 12 of those hours in biology course work, and have an overall UCD GPA of 2.75 or better.

Credits Earned and Applied

Undergraduate Biology Internships are offered for variable 1-6 credit hours with a maximum accumulation of 6 credit hours.

  • 1-3 credits of BIOL Internship may be applied to biology major requirements and count toward the 14 credit hours of upper-division biology electives.
  • 1-3 additional credits of BIOL Internship may be applied to the general education requirements (e.g., upper division) and/or the 120 credits required for graduation.
  • BIOL internships may be paid, for credit or both. After 6 credits of BIOL internship credits students are eligible for paid only internship with no earned academic credit. Volunteer internships receiving neither pay nor credit are not endorsed by UCD.
  • The intern must spend a minimum of 135 hours at the internship site for 3 credit hours, 90 for 2 credit hours, and 45 hours per semester for 1 credit hour. Note that these are minimum requirements and do not include faculty/course meetings or time spent on written assignments.
  • The internship experience must be directly related to the biology academic curriculum.
Setting up the Internship Process
  1. Students must add and drop internship credit hours through their Experiential Learning Center (ELC) Internship Advisor by UCD's standard drop/add deadline.
  2. All undergraduate biology majors are required to obtain prior written approval of internships from their Department of Biology faculty advisor and submit all internship registration forms to the Registrar's office prior to beginning any work at the internship site. Internship ADD forms are available through the student's Internship Advisor located in the Experiential Learning Center (Tivoli 260). Students must bring a completed learning agreement signed by both their site supervisor and UCD Downtown Denver faculty sponsor to the ELC to receive the BIOL 3939 course ADD form.
  3. All undergraduate biology majors are required to obtain approval of internships from the following designated Faculty Advisor:

    Dr. Aimee Bernard
    Office: SI 4107
    Phone: 303-556-6595

Note: ALL BIOL Internships (ending in "39") may not apply as independent studyeven at Anschutz Medical Center. Independent study courses are listed as BIOL 2840, 3840 and 4840, and must be taken on campus with an approved UCD downtown campus Biology faculty member.

Internship Course Requirements and Grading
  1. Student Interns will be required to do the following:
    • submit work logs
    • write academic papers
    • deliver an in-class presentation
    • attend at least four meetings on the Downtown Campus
    • participate in the assigned internship course
    • fulfill the obligations of the course syllabus (unless otherwise indicated by the instructor)
  2. The Experiential Learning Center (ELC) will obtain a written evaluation from the student's internship site supervisor/employer before the end of the semester. The ELC staff will send copies of all completed evaluations to the biology course instructor. Students will not receive a grade in the course until a written evaluation is received from the internship site supervisor/employer. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that the ELC receives this evaluation.
  3. The final grade will be assigned by approved UCD Downtown Campus sponsoring faculty based on:
    • student's employer performance evaluation
    • course attendance and participation
    • the quality of the academic submissions