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Minors Relevant To Biology Major

Additional Minors

In addition to a major, students may choose a minor concentration in another contenet area. The minor may be in a subject unrelated to your major in which you have a personal interest or it could be related to your intended career path. For example, an individual planning to become a physician and operate a clinic may find completing a business minor useful. Perhaps you plan to go into public health but are more interested in the biological basis of disese; a biology major with a community health minor would be a great combination. In many fields, an aptitude in a second language is very appealing to an employer and could be a good choice for a minor.

A minor allows you to identify your strengths and interests to a potential employer or graduate program. It may make your application stand out from others with similar acomplishments.

Some minors frequently declared by Biology Majors:

Chemistry Minor
Minor in Enviromental Sciences
Health Humanities Minor​ 
Minor in Public Health
Sustainability Minor