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Bachelor of Science

Organismic Track

Organismic Track

The organismic track was developed for biology majors interested in an integrative and holistic background in biology, which includes the diversity of organisms, how they evolved, how they function, and how they interact with their environment. This track is particularly valuable for students who want to pursue advanced degrees in the biological sciences or for students who plan to teach biology.

All Biology Major Requirements Apply

Students pursing this track complete the core requirements for the biology major using the 14 credit hours of electives to emphasize organismic topics. Students are expected to select one course from each of four knowledge areas when completing their upper-division electives.

Upper-Division Electives

Choose one course in each of the following four knowledge areas:

  • molecular biology and heredity
  • cell biology
  • diversity of form and function
  • ecology and evolution

Interested students should contact an undergraduate major advisor in the department for additional information and guidelines.