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Working Papers


Working Papers

The UCD Anthropology Working Papers Series consists of serial publications, dated and numbered, of the Anthropology Department of the University of Colorado Denver. Their content represents topics and approaches relevant to anthropology and its various sub-disciplines. The series is intended to aid the rapid dissemination of work in progress, research findings, and special lectures by researchers and associates of the Anthropology Department. The issues are available in electronic format through the Anthropology Department's public Web site.

For examples of working papers, see the linguistics association's site: and within that site the California linguistics notes: or the Summer Institute of Language's site:

Acknowledgement: thanks to for an initial template for this document. Accessed August 2003.

What is a Working Paper?
Are these considered "official" publications?
Who may submit papers?
What is the review process for accepting a paper?
What happens after I submit a paper?
How do I submit a paper for the series?
What style and format must papers use?