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Working Papers


The Papers in PDF Format 

Field School in Sustainable Development and Health in Ecuador by Jean Scandlyn, Sarah Norton, and Susanna Snyder.

Integrating Interventions: Outreach and Research among Street Youths in the Rockies by Jean N. Scandlyn, Suzanne Discenza, and James Van Leeuwen

UCD Ecuador 06-07 Final Report by John Brett, Jean Scandlyn, and Amanda Isreal.

Ecuador Report Update 2007-08 by Jean Scandlyn and Sharry Erzinger

Ecuador Report for October 2010 prepared by Jean Scandlyn, Sarah Norton and Susanna Snyder

Assessing Community Health Practices and Needs in Tropical Eduador by Emily Chasco, Jennifer Hooks, Catherine Covey et al.

Closing the Loops: Emerging Models of Sustainable Agriculture in the Tropics by Cristella Valdez, Andrew Duvall, Julie North, et al.

Community Resource Sharing and Capacity Building Through Experiential Education by Perry-Elena Segura, Cristella Valdez, Elizabeth Rozelle, et al.

Identifying Concepts of Sustainability through Participatory Mapping by Kate Oviatt, Andy Duvall, Cristella Valdez, et al.

Living Your Education: Field Schools as Pedagogical and Research Enterprises by Jean Scandlyn, John Brett, and Sharry Erzinger.