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Field Opportunities

Laetoli, Tanzania

The Tanzania Field School in Anthropology is an international, interdisciplinary joint program of two American universities and a Tanzanian university in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism and Natural Resources (Antiquities Department) in Tanzania.

UCD Professor Charles M. Musiba has experience leading students in challenging and rewarding field studies.

This course provides students the opportunity to participate in an intense four week field‐based learning experience that focuses on human origin, climate change and adaptability (with special emphasis in paleoanthropology, health geography, medical anthropology, GIS and culture) of the Maasai of the Ngorongoro Highlands in northern Tanzania.

The objective of the field school is to participate in rigorous yet culturally enriching training and research projects where students will:

  • Be involved in inquiry‐oriented investigations in anthropology, geography and public health in which they will interact with peers, teachers and the participating Tanzanian communities
  • Gain experience in accessing the scientific knowledge found in a variety of sources, including field lectures, actual experiments and observations
  • Apply science contents to new research problems in society and health issues, ecology and conservation, and paleoanthropological research
  • Engage in problem‐solving, planning, decision‐making and group discussions on a variety of issues relevant to the field school's research topics

Endowed with some of the most spectacular and world-famous archaeological and paleoanthropological sites, Tanzania presents focused, self‐driven students with an opportunity to become deeply immersed and engaged in the beauty and splendor of a unique cultural and prehistoric tour de force. The field school offers students:

  • a memorable and academically challenging chance to walk in the footsteps of our ancestors, a journey which began a mere 3.56 million years ago
  • unique insights on health through the connection to Endulen Hospital
  • the opportunity to explore the beauty and wonders that one of Africa’s most peaceful countries, Tanzania, has to offer
  • the opportunity to make lifelong, meaningful connections with cultures rich in diversity

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