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Internships provide students with an opportunity to supplement classroom learning with on-the-job experience. Here's why you should consider an internship:

  • In 2005 employers reported that 88.5% of new hires had internship or co-op experience.
  • Candidates with internship experience were offered 6.5% higher salaries.
  • 63% of employers attending the UC Denver Spring 2006 Career Expo would prefer to hire students with internship experience than students without.
  • Overall, U.S. employers reported plans to increase their intern hires by 9.8%

Only 34% of all available internships for fall 2006 were filled

Political Science Internships Available Fall 2006
Credit available 13
Paid and Credit Available 14
Paid available 10

Of the total 37 available internships only 12 were placed!

Community Engagement Courses

Every student of politics should have opportunities to apply their ideas through practical political work, to pursue their own professional development, and to test strategies for improving our collective life.  Our department’s course offerings include an array of classes that directly channel students into engagement with today’s social issues, these include:

  • The Urban Citizen (PSC 3914 - 3 credits)
  • CU at the Capitol (PS C 4934 - 3 credits)

Independent Study Opportunities

Our faculty commonly serve as members of community organizations and consultants on local political issues, and students benefit from the practical experience of their professors.  Throughout the program, students will find innovative faculty who encourage students to engage in real social issues as part of their study, and who encourage students to design their study programs and research projects in collaboration with community partners. Students interested in pursuing independent study credits should talk with a faculty member who might be willing to provide the necessary academic oversight.