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The Center for New Directions

Politics and Public Policy

The Center for New Directions in Politics and Public Policy at the University of Colorado Denver offers a Master’s Degree in Political Science with an emphasis in politics and public policy, and an undergraduate concentration in public policy within the BA in political science program. A Leadership Certificate focused in the areas of politics and public policy is being developed. All of the programs and the courses help students develop the political acumen necessary for being effective leaders and agents of change in neighborhoods, communities, governmental jurisdictions, and nonprofit entities.

The Center's programs are based on the notion that effectively addressing the public priorities of the 21st century requires that those working on matters of public interest possess a keen understanding of the political forces that guide or thwart the successful mobilization of resources and the achievement of constituent goals consistent with the public interest. Similarly, the need and opportunity for the active engagement, or leadership, of concerned citizens in the policy-making process is greater than ever before.

Accordingly, students in any of the Center's academic programs will be representative of not only those working professionals in the public and non-profit sectors, but also elected officials; community activists; interest-group stakeholders; educators from a wide range of demographic, occupational, and personal backgrounds; and simply concerned citizens.

Contact: Gary Sears,  Director of the New Directions Center, 303-315-1755​