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Study Abroad - Spanish

Students wishing to study abroad and transfer upper-division Spanish credit to UCD should first consider those programs run by the University of Colorado. Beyond that, the policy on the transfer of credit toward the major and minor at UCD is the same as the policy of the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at CU-Boulder: that is, attendance at non-University of Colorado programs is also acceptable if the program is operated by an accredited university in the United States. Credit earned in commercial language schools abroad is usually not accepted, and care should be taken in choosing such options if credit toward a degree at UCD is a concern.

To qualify for the transfer of credit toward the major or minor at UCD, students must have a GPA of 3.0 in previous course work in Spanish. Students wishing to study at the lower division level (SPAN 1010 through 2120) in programs not run by the University of Colorado must take the Department of Modern Languages’ placement test upon return. The acceptance of credit toward the foreign language requirement or toward the satisfaction of prerequisite requirements in Spanish will be determined by the score on the placement test.

The Department of Modern Languages at UCD recommends that students do careful research and speak with a departmental advisor before choosing a program. The following list includes only a few of the University-run programs available. Students should check web pages for the level of proficiency required and for minimum GPA and other requirements.




Semester and Full-year programs


  • University of Kansas: Ronda, Spain -- For beginning and intermediate students
    Ronda, Spain
  • University of Kansas: Language & Culture in Barceloa, Spain. -- For advanced students: Barcelona, Spain


  • University of Wisconsin-Platteville: Sevilla--Spanish-American Institute of International Education. -- All levels:  Spain


  •  Institute for Study Abroad at Butler University (IFSA): The Argentine Universities Program (Universidad de Buenos Aires, Universidad Cat�lica Argentina, Universidad del Salvador, Universidad Torcuato Di Tella) The Argentine Universities Program is offered by IFSA-Butler in conjunction with the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, the University of Texas at Austin, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. -- For advanced students:  Argentina


  •  Institute for Study Abroad at Butler University (IFSA): Santiago, Chile -- For advanced students:  Chile
  •  University of Nevada at Reno: Santiago, Chile (University Study Abroad Consortium: USAC) -- For advanced students:  Chile

Costa Rica:

  •  Institute for Study Abroad at Butler University (IFSA): Heredia Universidad Nacional Autonoma -- For advanced students
    Costa Rica
  •  University of Kansas: San Jose: The University of Costa Rica -- For advanced students: Costa Rica