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Modern Languages

Research & Creative Work

The study of human language spans a multitude of disciplines. Members of the Department of Modern Languages continue their research in a diverse array of languages and subjects such as modern literature, language pedagogy, socio-linguistics, phonetics, film studies, literature from past centuries, and the interaction of languages on each other, as well as the cultural importance reflected in various languages around the world. Our work examines globally oriented issues from Africa to the Caribbean, Western Europe to Eastern Asia, and French-speaking Canada to the southern tip of South America. Our research continues to inspire our students to pursue their goals in discovering the vast array of paths open to them through the study of language and culture. Faculty in the Department of Modern Languages examine topics including women's rights, minority consciousness in dominant cultures, regaining ties to lost heritage, and an overall recognition that in a myriad of ways, human language binds diverse linguistic and cultural communities to each other. Research in the Department of Modern Languages not only adds to the corpus of human knowledge, but with our interaction with people in society as a whole, we also create a bridge between academia and all the various communities that form our understanding of human existence.

Faculty Research and Creative Work Showcase