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Spanish Major Related Field Courses

Spanish Major

Related Fields Courses

While this list is not exhaustive, the following courses have been pre-approved as acceptable 'related fields' courses.  Students wishing to apply a course not on this page should consult with their major advisor.

ANTH 3121          Language and Communication

ANTH 4160          Topics in Language, Society and Culture (depending on topic)

ANTH 4320          Archaeology of Mexico and Central America

ANTH 4740          Ethnography of Mexico and Central America

ENGL 3160            Language Theory

ENGL 3797            Special Topics: International Literature (depending on topic)

ENGL 4601            Principles and Practices of Second Language Acquisition

ENGL 4460            Contemporary World Literature

ETST 3108            Chicano/a and Latino/a History

ETST 3350            Colonial Latin America

ETST 3408            Social Psychology of Latinos/as

ETST 3838            History of the Mexican American in Colorado

ETST 4616            Selected Topics: Chicanos/as and Latinos/as

ETST 4768            Chicano/Chicana Narrative and Social History

FREN 3---              Any upper-division course in French

FREN 4---              Any upper-division course in French

GEOG 3130            Central America and the Caribbean

GEOG 3140            Geography of South America

GER 3---                 Any upper-division course in German

GER 4---                 Any upper-division course in German

HIST 3345              Immigration and Ethnicity in American History

HIST 3350              Colonial Latin America

HIST 3365              Aztlán in the United States: Chicano History from 1821

HIST 3460              Introduction to Latin American History

HIST 4411              Modern Mexico

HIST 4412              Mexico and the United States: People and Politics on the Border

HIST 4415              Social Revolutions in Latin America

HIST 4417              Commodities and Globalization: Dessert in World History

LLC 4810                Orientation to Bilingual Education

LLC 4820                Language Development and Acquisition

LLC 4825                Techniques in Teaching English as a Second Language

LLC 4830                Instructional Delivery Methods for Second Language Learners

MLNG 4690           Methods of Teaching Modern Languages

MLNG 4691           Methods of Teaching Modern Languages II

P SC 3125               Introduction to Latin American Society

P SC 4235               Politics and Markets in Latin America

P SC 4545               Immigration Politics

P SC 4554               Chicano and Latino Politics

                                Upper-division courses in another language