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French: International Language and Culture for the Professions


French Major Track:
International Language and Culture for the Professions

This option in the French major offers exciting career possibilities, both in government and private industry, at home and abroad. Languages are extremely useful in business, industry, commerce, civil service, law, library science, media, science, economics, health and social sciences. Students who follow this course of study could also qualify as teachers of general business subjects in bilingual as well as traditional school systems. (However, students who wish to be certified to teach French in the public schools should complete the Language and Literature option and consult the requirements for certification.) This major has the approval of the College of Arts and Sciences.

International French for the Professions is a controlled enrollment major which takes two years to complete. Interested students should contact the French Advisor in the Department of Modern Languages to declare the major. This should be done as early as possible in the student's academic career but no later than the second semester of the sophomore year. To graduate, students must meet all UCD campus requirements for graduation and should consult with their CLAS advisor (College of Liberal Arts & Sciences) for details about this.


FREN 2120, Intermediate French II: Grammar Review and Conversation, or equivalent proficiency
ECON 2112, Principles of Economics: Macroeconomics
ECON 2022, Principles of Economics: Microeconomics
MATH 1110, College Algebra, or MATH 1070, Finite Math, or higher level course

Requirements (48 credit hours)

French courses (33 credit hours)

FREN 1000, Intro to Cultures of the French-Speaking World
FREN 3020, Oral practice
FREN 3050, Advanced Grammar and Composition
FREN 3060, Advanced Language Skills
FREN 4050, Advanced French for Business (online)
FREN 3082, Translation (online)
FREN 3130, Current Issues of the French Speaking World or FREN 3140, Contemporary Francophone Cultures
FREN 4210, France in the 20th and 21st Centuries
FREN 3112 or FREN 3122, Survey of French Literature I or II

Elective: 4000 level French class
Elective: 3000 or 4000 level French class
Electives chosen from:

FREN 3120, French Cultural Identities–Myths and Realities
FREN 4200, FR civilization through the 19th century
FREN 3130, Current Issues of the French Speaking World
FREN 3140, Contemporary Francophone Cultures
Any 3000 or 4000 level literature course

Business courses: 15 credits

MGMT 1000, Intro to Business
ACCT 2200, Financial Accounting and Financial Statement Analysis (prereq: MATH 1070 & sophomore standing)
MKTG 3000, Principles of Marketing (prereq: junior standing)
MGMT 3000, Managing Individuals and Teams (prereq: junior standing)
MGMT 4400, Intro to International Business or International Field Study (prereq: MGMT 1000 and an overall 3.0 GPA)


  • Language Study Abroad
  • Internships
  • Official proficiency exam (e.g., Paris Chamber of Commerce)

Students interested in pursuing the ILCP track in French should consult with an advisor in the department.