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The Alhambra
Alcott presents at Modern Language Convention



      Schedule for Fall 2014

      Bring your lunch – Free refreshments


      ¸  CINEMA AND FOOD   ¸


      Hosted by the Department of Modern Languages

      The University of Colorado Denver



      FUERA DE CARTA (2008),

      by Nacho G. Velilla (Spain)


      [Chef’s Special] In Spanish, with English Subtitles ― 111 min.

      Wednesday, March 5, 2014, 12:15 pm


      ESTÔMAGO (2007),

      by Marcos Jorge (Brasil)


      [Estomago: A Gastronomic Story] In Portuguese, with Spanish Subtitles ― 108 min.

      Wednesday, April 9, 2014, 12:15 pm


      Nota Bene: ALL MOVIES ARE RATED "R."


    R – RATED: (AC) Adult Content,
    (AL) Adult Language, (N) Nudity, (V) Violence
    WHERE? Department of Modern Languages, Plaza 118 P

    Refreshments: A Gracious Donation from AMIGOS DEL SUR

    For more information and the Spring Semester Schedule, contact:
    Andrés Lema-Hincapié / 303-556-3443


     "Food Metaphors" (SPAN 3225) :
    Foto -- Coquitas de aguacate con maíz 02.jpg   Foto -- Coquitas de aguacate con maíz 09.jpgFotos -- Moros y Cristianos (3).JPG


Andrés on the SMALL screen

¡Dígalo Bien!