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Jenkins on the future of the Spanish language

Rapid changes in the use of the Spanish language in the Southwest may lead to the language's extinction in coming decades in the region unless bilingualism is accepted and promoted, according to Devin Jenkins, Associate Professor of Spanish and Modern Languages Department Chair. In this interview,  Jenkins discusses is research which has found that in southern Colorado and northern New Mexico, areas with a large population of Spanish and Mexican descent, the use of Spanish is no longer growing.

Is Spanish language dying in the U.S. Southwest? One expert thinks so

Fox News Latino, Jan 7

New Book by:
El medio fotográfico en la narrativa de Antonio Muñoz Molina
En la narrativa de Antonio Muñoz Molina, las fotografías preceden con frecuencia a los personajes e incluso los reemplazan. Las instantáneas acentúan la importancia del azar y de los actos mínimos, alteran la noción lineal del tiempo y destacan ciertos momentos a los que se vuelve desde el presente de la narración. Estimulan o suplantan la memoria y suponen el punto de partida de múltiples invenciones. Constituyen, en definitiva, un filtro que orienta la lectura. Este libro explora la articulación de un universo textual que se origina en una intersección incesante entre lo fotográfico y lo narrativo.

Alcott presents at two conferences this fall

Assistant Professor of French, Clinical Teaching Track, Linda Alcott presented papers at two conferences this fall.  As an invited teaching panel specialist on “Teaching the Caribbean,” Alcott’s first presentation, titled, “Voices of Haiti and the Caribbean,” was given at the 68th Annual Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association Convention held in Boise, Idaho, Oct 9-11.  Alcott’s paper titled, “Suitable for Sacrifice: The Portrait of Expendable Humanity in Marguerite Duras’s Un Barrage contre le Pacifique,” was presented at the Pacific Ancient Modern Language Association’s 112th Annual Conference in Riverside, CA, Oct. 31-Nov 2, for the Women in French special panel, Marguerite Duras: 100 years later.    

Mary DeForest's Westword Article

Bollard Returns to Modern Languages 


Dia de los Muertos Altar




     "Food Metaphors" (SPAN 3225) :
    Foto -- Coquitas de aguacate con maíz 02.jpg   Foto -- Coquitas de aguacate con maíz 09.jpgFotos -- Moros y Cristianos (3).JPG


Andrés on the SMALL screen

¡Dígalo Bien!