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What Students are Saying


Photos courtesey of Frankee E. Morning, III

Koraya Robinson

"I am very interested in the Ethnic Studies Major and plan on taking it as soon as it opens."

Abby Cillo

Abby Cillo

"Ethnic Studies is becoming one of the most important areas of study. If we, as a nation, want to achieve the end of racism and intolerance, we must use the power of education. I personally believe Ethnic Studies should become a mandatory part of the primary education curriculum. We must begin before society embeds the power of racism within the minds of the youth.

I have taken several Ethnic Studies courses over my college career. I apply the knowledge that I gained from these courses more in my daily life than I do algebra. Ethnic Studies classes offer a refreshingly truthful insight into what really happens in society."

Jessica Maes

"I think the Ethnic Studies classes are some of the most valuable classes I have taken on this campus."

Niabi Hart

"I am an ethnic studies minor student who is very interested in an ethnic studies major. It is appropriate for an accredited school like UCD to offer such a major, especially with the movement in society toward more service. We need professionals in ethnic studies to assist in this direction."

Chaniqua Brown, President, Ethnic Studies Student Organization

Chaniqua Brown

"The major is not only wanted, but is needed. The United States, and Colorado in particular, are changing and becoming more diverse and complex each year, and it is time that the University reflected that in its offerings."