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University of Colorado Denver College of Liberal Arts and Sciences


The Writing Center

Information for Faculty

Please Note: The Writing Center is currently unable to assist Denver Campus faculty or staff on their own writing -- in regular, in-Center sessions -- on the Denver Campus. We will, however, continue to assist faculty with professional-development and course/curriculum concerns (i.e., designing assignments, creating rubrics, discussing effective commenting strategies, etc.). We encourage you to read our handout on Designing & Evaluating Writing Assignments. Please direct any questions or concerns to Justin Bain, (303) 556-6534. 

NEW: We are developing online workshops that faculty can upload and offer students via their Canvas courses. Scroll down for more information. 

The Writing Center plays a vital role in achieving the educational goals of the University by helping writers clarify their ideas and their expression of those ideas. We can best fulfill that role when we understand instructors' assignments and expectations.

Consultants do not proofread, edit, or correct papers, nor do they supply language or ideas in helping students develop their topics; none of these contributions would advance the pedagogical objective of the Center. Our goal is to help students better clarify their thinking and articulate their ideas.

Consultants typically focus on global concerns first: addressing the assignment, organization, coherence, etc. We do, however, also assist with sentence level issues: grammar, mechanics, punctuation and proofreading strategies.

Please note that consultants will not assist students with take-home exams unless we have received your permission in advance. You can call or email the Center at any point in the semester to do this.

Teaching at the International College at Beijing? Click HERE for more information.


Informational Class Visits

We can come to your class to provide a brief (5-10 minute) presentation with brochures (and optional multimedia) that gives students an overview of our services and how we can help them succeed in your class.

Online Workshops for Canvas 

Once imported into Canvas, the following files unpack themselves as lectures, downloads, videos, and quizzes nested within a Module. These Modules can then be customized and assigned at your discretion. 

To get started, download this Workshop ​Import Instructions document, which explains how to turn the workshop download files below into modules within your Canvas course. 

Then, download both the Workshop File and Workshop Explanation documents: 

     Arguments & Thesis Statements

Students learn how to join an academic conversation, write/revise/evaluate a strong argumentative thesis statement, and place the thesis (ideas) in their essays where readers expect to find them. 

      Grammar & Rhetoric COMING SOON!
            • ​​​​Grammar & Rhetoric Workshop File​ 
            • ​​​​​Workshop Explanation document

Custom In-Class Workshops

We can also assign a consultant to your course:

  • to provide mini-workshops on writing-related topics, such as documenting and incorporating sources, plagiarism, or writing in your discipline.
  • to conduct peer-review workshops.

To request a class visit or custom workshop, please download/fill out/return the following:
Class Visit/Workshop Request Form for Faculty​ (.dot form)


Referrals & Required Visits

Faculty are always welcome to refer individual students for assistance or require/offer extra credit to entire classes for coming. We provide signed confirmations of student visits -- we call them Blue Sheets because, well, they're blue -- but our policy, FYI, is that students are actively engaged in session work for at least 30 minutes in order to receive one.

Before referring/requiring an entire class to visit, please read our suggested guidelines below, and then email or call Director Justin Bain at (303) 556-6534 /


Faculty Support

The Writing Center endeavors to offer practical and theoretical discipline-specific support to faculty who teach writing and writing-intensive courses. The Director is available to meet with faculty individually, or with departments as a whole, to collaborate with you on developing writing assignments, rubrics, and response paradigms to fulfill your pedagogical goals. Please see our handout on Designing & Evaluating Writing Assignments​

If you would like more information or would like to receive support for your courses, please contact Writing Center Director Justin Bain at (303) 556-6534

For Faculty Workshops Click Here