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University of Colorado Denver College of Liberal Arts and Sciences



Steven Dawson

Full-Blown Consultant

Areas of expertise: Core Composition, Creative Writing, Journalism, and Resumes

BA student in English & Communication, University of Colorado Denver

Shortly after Steven’s birth, rumors of a “Chuck Norris-like” toddler, born out of wedlock, surfaced across the nation. Steven’s ninja like dexterity and lightning fast roundhouse kicks do support this gossip; nevertheless, he modestly denies the reports. Instead, he claims to be a simple writer and proficient reader who enjoys honing his skills and learning from the best. However, in the back of his mind he will always know the truth.
Steven hopes that one day his effective writing and Monkey Style Kung Fu will marry into perfect harmony. Perhaps he will learn to pound syntax into submission  and protect fellow students from deadly semicolon impostors. For now he waits patiently in the shadows with his disagreeably red pen and cape.