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University of Colorado Denver College of Liberal Arts and Sciences



Liz Friesen

First-Year Consultant

BS in Business Administration, University of Phoenix

Liz is a Colorado native, which means that she spent none of her childhood skiing, snowboarding, or hiking in the mountains.  Instead, she spent a good portion of her childhood reading and writing short stories. She always had a dream of being fluent in Spanish as well as English, but that goal was elusive during high school. 

During the first two years of college she majored in marching band and football; on paper she was a pre-med major.  However, after one anatomy class she decided that being a doctor was not for her.  She switched to a Spanish major.  After two wonderful, satisfying semesters studying Spanish (during which she reached the admirable point of being able to speak without translating from English), her father told her that no Spanish major could ever get a job, so she finished with an ever-sensible, boring degree in business administration.

During her first tour in college, she fell madly in love with a Navy man, who ended up earning a master plumber's license.  Despite being told that white collar/blue collar love never works, she married that sailor and together they brought four beautiful, unplanned children into the world.  In the midst of having those children, the construction industry collapsed and Liz and her husband were forced to start their own plumbing business.

After a couple of years of expensive learning experiences and near poverty, they now operate a successful business.  Once the business was running smoothly, Liz realized that she missed studying languages and was ready to return to school to study something she was interested in.  She then returned to school to gather enough English classes to meet the requirements for graduate admission into the English Master's program.  After taking language theory she decided to change her goal to a degree in linguistics.  Her trips to school and work are the times when she regains her sanity and speaks with adults over the age of 10 that are not trying to get out of paying her for plumbing services.