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University of Colorado Denver College of Liberal Arts and Sciences



Heather Lail

Supervisor / Sixth-year consultant 

Areas of expertise: creative writing, film, anthropology, business writing, self-editing techniques, and idea generation/development

BA in English Writing with minors in Anthropology and Film Studies, UCD

Heather graduated from the English Writing program at UCD but is now inexplicably nostalgic for the student experience. Because she's an academia nut (far less tasty than a macadamia nut), she also studied Film and Anthropology in a vain attempt to be a more well-rounded writer. She hails from South Carolina, the home of boiled peanuts, sandy beaches, shagging (the dance, not the act of procreation), Vanna White, and a whole bunch of people who believe that Pat Conroy is the Second Coming, but—let's face it—The Prince of Tides wasn't that good. When she isn't at the Writing Center, Heather stumps as a freelance copyeditor but has been known to take on any job that involves 1) writing something and 2) getting paid. She likes to hike and bike and make silly rhymes, is working diligently toward her goal of watching every film ever made, and can probably kick your butt snowboarding.