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University of Colorado Denver College of Liberal Arts and Sciences



Haydn Woodward

Second-year consultant 

Areas of expertise: Thesis development, organization, grammar, idea generation, poetry/literature analysis, Harry Potter spell utilization

MA student in Literature, CU Denver
BA, English with a minor in Education + TESOL certification, California State University Sacramento

Haydn is a native of Sacramento, CA, is an avid San Francisco Giants fan, and harbors a deep-seated distrust of "SoCal," which he manifests mostly by correcting anyone who calls the main interstate "The 5" rather than "I-5" (you know who you are) and his hatred of the Dodgers. While his ability to surf is mainly exemplified in his strong Google-fu, he does strap some planks to his feet and ski the mountains in the winter. With his BA in English completed, and the whisper in his ear that "Winter is coming," Haydn tossed his fearless feline in the car along with all of his possessions and drove over to Colorado to drink all the local brews and ski the beautiful Rocky Mountains.
And also to get his MA in English Literature at CU Denver. He swears that is the main reason but no one really believes him.
When he's not playing Settlers of Catan, watching Pitch Perfect on repeat, or killing aliens in Mass Effect, he's likely to be ignoring reality by plunging the depths of a writer's imagination in a speculative fiction novel or singing karaoke to any song he can remember. After receiving his MA, his plan is to go on to a PhD to hide from the eventual onset of student loans and to spread his particular breed of insanity on to future generations of students as a college professor.