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University of Colorado Denver College of Liberal Arts and Sciences



Courtney Harrell

First-year consultant 

Areas of expertise: Creative writing, organization, literary analysis

BA student in English with a concentration in Creative Writing + a minor in Psychology, University of Colorado Denver 

Courtney has lived in Colorado for almost 14 years, but it still hasn't been long enough to convince her that it's acceptable to wear hiking boots everywhere you go (seriously guys, the whole state isn't a mountain). When she was a little girl, her life's ambition was to become Pocahontas, which is to say she wanted long, flowing hair and the chance to run through a field of giant sunflowers singing "Colors of the Wind" with an eagle on her arm. In high school, she came dangerously close to her Pocahontas moment when she joined an a cappella group in which she wore bright pink outfits on stage, sang horrible pop mash-ups, and gave up all other social activities to practice for a cappella competitions (Pitch Perfect is pretty accurate, guys). Conceding that she was not the next Barbara Streisand, Courtney focused all her post-high school efforts on her true love: words. In elementary school she wrote her first novel (a thriller about four missionaries hunted by the CIA for their evangelism and general optimism), and she has been writing ever since. Today, Courtney spends most of her time writing, reading, knitting, running, listening to "This American Life," photographing weddings, and proselytizing Settlers of Catan.