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University of Colorado Denver College of Liberal Arts and Sciences



Carley Tacker


BA student in Literature and Creative Writing, CU Denver

Carley originally migrated to Colorado from Memphis, Tennessee, at the impressionable age of 10. She has since caught on that it is awesome here, so she's never leaving (maybe). As an incredibly ambitious child, Carley decided that it was her duty to re-enact the entire plot of The Babysitters Club book series in her backyard. (Pro tip: Managing six imaginary friends in a high-stakes, pretend babysitting empire is a lot of pressure.) Since that time, Carley has realized the empowering and immersive power of the written word and has decidedly chosen to pursue a career that will keep her close to the world of books. Equipped with her passion for words and (imaginary) business prowess, Carley spends her days reading as much literary and academic content as possible and planning a zombie survival strategy with her beloved, bow tie-wearing cat, George.​