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University of Colorado Denver College of Liberal Arts and Sciences



Cameron Rothluebber

First-year consultant 

Areas of expertise: Core composition, literature reviews, literary analysis, creative writing

MA student in English Literature, CU Denver
BA in English in English Literature, Stephen F. Austin State University

One of the most common questions asked upon a first introduction is: "So, where are you from?" For Cameron, this is a bit of a loaded question. While she does claim New England as "home," specifically New Hampshire and Vermont, the truth is, she has moved around for the majority of her life. In the eighth grade year alone, she went to three different schools. Some may find this a bit unstable, but she saw it as a chameleonic opportunity. Her nomadic upbringing also makes for a rather interesting cocktail of regional dialect. However, she claims no particular accent.


Having discovered a wildly unhealthy obsession with prepositional phrases at a very young age, Cameron always knew that she was bound to become a bonafide book nerd. As a child, she was gifted a leather-bound collection of Agatha Christie novels, which she now refers to as her "gateway drug." Between readings of Anne of Green Gables and mystery novels, she still managed to find the time for the average "Growing Pains" obsession. Nowadays, her time is best spent reading, writing, knitting, yoga-ing, baking, going to concerts, and playing with her pets. And indulging in the occasional nostalgia of corny early 90's television.