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University of Colorado Denver College of Liberal Arts and Sciences



Alexis Horst

First-year consultant 

Areas of expertise: thesis development, idea generation, organization, creative writing, college football and music/fashion of the early '90s.

MA student in English Literature, CU Denver
BA in English Literature, San Diego State University

Originally form Michigan, Alexis was raised to be a rabid college sports fan (go green!). Unfortunately, she shamed her family by eschewing normal activities like hunting and fishing. At the age of 18, Alexis became the youngest person to walk across the United States on stilts (that may not be true).

Upon arriving in San Diego, Alexis found her stilts would take her no farther, and she was intrigued by the warm water and perma-tans. She decided to stay, and eventually enrolled in college. It wasn’t easy to fit classes into her already packed schedule of sand, sun and beer, but Alexis persevered, and seven years later, was rewarded for her tenacity with a degree in debauchery English. Alexis credits her time at San Diego State for her extensive vocabulary, and can often be heard spouting off über-intelligent words like, über, hella, rad, gnarly and awesomesauce.

After her stint at SDSU, Alexis moved to Colorado to become a pioneer. Had she paid more attention to the hunting and fishing lessons in Michigan, and had she acquired a generous land-grant from the government, pioneering would have been much easier. However, she lacked experience and property, so Alexis decided that student loans were almost as good as land grants, and enrolled in graduate school, where she is pursuing a Master's in Literature. Alexis has a three year-old daughter and enjoys stuff, things and puppies.