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The Writing Center

Schedule an Appointment

Schedule an Appointment

We encourage you to schedule an appointment in advance by logging into the online scheduler. Note: Failure to show for an appointment after a five-minute grace period will result in the appointment's cancellation so that the consultant may assist other individuals.

In addition to our face-to-face consultations, the Writing Center is pleased to offer online sessions. Online consultations enable writers to discuss ideas with consultants through a synchronous electronic platform within WCOnline, our scheduling system. As a result, writers who have difficulty visiting the Writing Center during its regular hours or who prefer to work from the comfort of home have an additional means of receiving feedback on their work.


  1. You must first register in the online scheduler and you must fill out ALL fields. Some helpful tips:
    • Email: Use whatever address you like, so long as you check it frequently.
    • Telephone Number: Please provide a cell or number where we can actually reach you.
    • Graduation Year: If you’re not sure, guess.
    • First/Home Language: If your language is not listed, choose ‘other’ (at the bottom).
    • Major: If you’re not sure, guess.
  2. Now log in to the online scheduler with your email address and password.
  3. We have physical locations in/at North Classroom 4014 (CU Denver), the Business School (UCD), the Auraria Library, Campus Village at Auraria, CU South Denver, and CU Anschutz. Select your target location from the drop-down menu next to Choose a Schedule. We offer synchronous (real-time) online appointments during open hours at all locations except the Auraria Library and Campus Village at Auraria. If you're looking for an evening online appointment (6pm-12am), choose the Online schedule.
  4. First, make sure that you are viewing the correct week and day/date. You can navigate to other days/weeks by using either the overhead calendars or the Next Week/Prev Week buttons.
  5. If you prefer a specific consultant, find his/her name on the left-hand side and click a white box that corresponds with both the consultant and your desired appointment time. If you have no consultant preference at all, simply click a white box under your desired appointment time. 
  6. If all else fails, watch this video about how to make appointments.