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The Colorado Center for Public Humanities

About Us

The Colorado Center for Public Humanities is an interdisciplinary unit of the University of Colorado at Denver and Health Sciences Center.

The Colorado Center for Public Humanities takes as its core belief that the broad mission of the humanities disciplines (English, History, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Art History, Musicology) is to enrich public discussions about art, ideas, the historical past, and the diverse cultures of the world. Scholars can only accomplish this mission by continuously reassessing the interests and needs of the wider public and by forging connections with groups and institutions outside the university’s walls.

The work of the Center is oriented around two primary goals: First, as a think-tank, the Center will investigate the public value of the humanities disciplines in relation to historical change by sponsoring programs that help to clarify the roles that humanities-based scholarship can play within the region, the nation, and the world more generally. These programs will serve as the basis for published documents and films. By utilizing various types of media, we seek to extend the dialogue on the public functions served by humanities research.

Our second goal is to direct the engagements of humanities scholars toward extra-academic communities. In pursuing this objective, the Center will support scholars whose research programs are designed to reach civic groups outside the university walls and to benefit from the involvement of these groups. The Center will encourage interaction between the scholar and the wider public by matching scholars with particular communities, funding appropriate research activities, and supporting the production of books, film, and web-based conversation that are aimed at extra-academic groups.